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Cultural sightseeing

These are some of the places you might like to visit on Krk island:

  • City of Krk, with its two thousand years old walls (the third largest walls in Croatia), Frankopan castle from 13th century, old City Hall from 16th century and Krk Cathedral whose tower dominates the city

  • Picturesque islet of Košljun with a museum within the monastery

  • Town of Vrbnik, another cliff-top town surrounded by fertile vineyards used in production of a quality wine Žlahtina, we will present you some of this wine to try in our Villa

  • Village Jurandvor – Early romantic Church of St.Lucija holds Bascanska tablet, earliest Croatian monument written in Glagolitic letters

  • Biserujka cave located on the north east part of island close to town Šilo

  • Infield gallery in Dobrinj and browsing through the narrow streets of this beautiful town -

  • Church and monastery in Glavotok, a small settlement on the western tip of Krk Island

  • Town of Omišalj, with a history dating from 3rd century, and perched on the cliff above the sea. Close to Omišalj, visit immortell farm and destilery

  • You can find more information here:


There are plenty of beaches to choose from all around the island.

You can find more information here


  • Beach Jert – our favourite and closest beach to the Villa, cca. 5-10 min. drive, it is a pebble beach with a Blue flag located in the small village Pinezići. Beach has a bar and a restaurant so you can enjoy drinks and the simple dishes in a bathing suit. Beach also offers water park, sun loungers, parasols, sanitary nodes and changing cabins.

Active holidays

There are also plenty of activities to choose from; rent-a-boat, diving, hiking, cycling, quad biking, zip-line, horse riding, daily boat trips…, you can find more information here



We would recommend taking boat excursions to the nearby islands. There are a lot of boats to choose from - you can book them along the Krk city promenade.

We recommend the boat “Riba T” - they offer one-day tours where you can join fisherman while they catch fish with those huge nets. When fishing is complete, you will enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters while they prepare fresh fish for you on the boat. They tend to go in a smaller group, cca 20 people. Contact is Danijel +385 99 239 3955



If you enjoy walking, running or hiking, Krk has a lot to offer. There is a nice route from Vrh to Krk, which should take you about 1 hour one way.


Here are the detailed maps of the routes (Vrh is in a south map):

or download Krk hiking app:



The island of Krk has several cycling trails that go along the main road on the island, so you can safely ride through most of the island without fear of cars. On the other hand, if you are looking for nature and MTB adventures, the island offers you nearly 300km of pedestrian/bike trails that can be used for cycling.

Here is a detailed map of the routes:

or download Krk cycling app:


There is a grocery shop "Trgovine Krk" in Vrh, about 10 minutes walk from the villa. Shop is well stocked with all the essentials goods.

For more comprehensive shopping you will have to drive to Krk, (5 min.). At the entrance of the town you will find 3 large shops close to each other: Plodine, Konzum and Lidl, these are the biggest grocery shops in Krk.

You will find good selection of fish in the centre of Krk at the fish store (ribarnica). Note that the best selection is in the morning, so try to be there before 9am.

You can get quality meat at any grocery shop, but for a fresh local meat go to the butcher shops (mesnica) in the centre of Krk, inside supermarket building you will find a few, we recommend "Mesnica Toma".

If you need pharmacy (ljekarna) you will find it on the Krk main square - Ljekarna Jelka. Drug store Farmacia is located above Konzum store at the entrance of the town.

Places to eat and drink

There are 2 restaurants in Vrh, both 5-10 minutes’ walk from Villa:

  • Konoba Marija – Konoba is trattoria in Croatian.  Marija offers great local dishes and pizzas, must try is “šurlice” (shurlice) local fresh pasta either with beef stew or sea mix.

  • Restaurant Kuća Krčkog pršuta (House of the Krk prosciutto) – they make their own prosciutto and similar products such as; sausages, salami, spreads etc. Apart from the restaurant there is a shop inside where you can buy their produce.

  • "Ilirija" bakery in Vrh – there is a small kiosk bakery 5 min. walk from Villa in front of the school and Cafe bar Rio. Apart from fresh bread you should try their “burek” (typical Croatian/Bosnian cheese or meat pie) usually sold warm in the morning.


Other restaurants worth visiting on the island Krk:


  • Casa Del Padrone located on the Krk City Quay right at the waterfront, apart from lunch and dinner this place serves great croissant, coffee and breakfast. They also have delicious ice-cream and sweets.

  • Konoba Galija, restaurant and pizza place Galija located in one of the small curved streets in the City of Krk offers variety of meat, pasta and fish dishes as well as a selection of pizzas.

  • Pizzeria Camplin - Probably the best pizza in town. Located in the City of Krk, on a beautiful spot near Camplin

  • Dvori Sv. Jurja – this is a unique place, located 10 min. drive from Villa through a gravel road in the middle of the nature. This eco-friendly place offers great traditional food, but reservation is a required. Order “peka”, which is meat or seafood cooked under the metal bell covered with hot charcoal.

  • Konoba Nada in Vrbnik, one of 100 leading Croatian restaurants, which offers Mediterranean cuisine as well as wine and cheese tasting events. Try to book terrace seating, it has a stunning view.

  • Restaurant /hotel Gospoja in Vrbnik,

  • Restaurant Ulika Maslinik above Punat – this is another unique place set in the olive grove with a beautiful view of the Punat bay. They also organise visit to their olive production plant.

  • Konoba Pud Brest in the village of Milohnići, which offers a great pork steaks in wine as well as fresh fish

  • Konoba Zora in town Dobrinj serves local dishes, home style cooking and a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Konoba Tri Maruna, in Poljica village. This is an authentic, traditional and original trattoria which has no menu and instead the menu offered is the owner's recommendation of the day. They serve fresh food and fruit from owner's garden.

  • Konoba Bracera, located in Malinska and serving the original Krk specialties prepared according to old recipes, accompanied by homemade bread. Fresh fish is highly recommended.

There are many, many other restaurants on the island, so we’ll leave you to discover some on your own 



  • Cocktail bar Volsonis in Krk City, located within the old city walls offers a special atmosphere to its visitors.

  • Club/Bar Casa Del Padrone has nightly resident DJ and thematic nights.

There are a lot of bars which stay open till late in Krk, so browse around town and find your best spot. :-)


Evening manifestations, village fiestas and concerts are held throughout the island in the summer season - check the calendar here:



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